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Support for Retailers

The National Importers is a leading supplier of product innovation to the retail market. We take great pride in importing fine food products from virtually every corner of the world.

Support for retailers

We track a wide range of critical food industry trends such as consumer behavior, attributes, and purchase motivators – ranging from specific requirements and unique dietary needs to emerging consumer trends and brand awareness.

We regularly measure what consumers actually eat and drink today as well as forecast where the market is heading in order to help our clients better understand the entire food & beverage industry.

National Importers uses a proactive model in doing business. They are strategic and tactful in their approach and have the ability to be flexible; ensuring their customers needs are met.

Hanif Mohamed
Director, Grocery Operations
Canada Safeway Limited

National Importer All-Inclusive Support Infrastructure:

  • Sophisticated Enterprise Planning software for control of distribution information
  • Custom pricing modules designed to satisfy individual client requirements and simplify maintenance
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for automated information exchange with retail partners
  • Barcode picking to ensure accuracy of customer orders
  • Website ordering to enable customers to order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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