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A Taste of Thai

In the late 1970’s Frank Landrey ate Thai Food for the first time in New York City. It was love at first bite. Some years later, fancying himself a fine cook, he decided that he could make Thai food at home. To show off his prowess he invited a number of his friends to his home outside of San Francisco. It was a disaster. Absolutely inedible. To save the evening he took all to a nearby Thai Restaurant for dinner. After dinner he asked the restaurant’s owner where they purchased their Thai ingredients and was told at the Erawan Market in Berkeley.

The following day Frank went to the Erawan Market to discover all sorts of great products in bulk or packed in paper bags upon which were enumerable strange symbols that meant nothing to him. With the help of the store manager he learned how to use some of them. He realized that with the help of these products he could make a successful Thai meal at home and even add Thai flavours to his favorite dishes.

Frank left for Thailand the next day to convince manufacturers to develop products that could bring authentic Thai Flavors right into western kitchens, easily. Today, A Taste of Thai Products are available worldwide. All produced exclusively in Thailand for only there can one find the unique ingredients that give Thai foods their distinctive flavors. A Taste of Thai is truly Real Thai, Real Easy.

For product information, recipes and cooking videos please go to www.atasteofthai.com.

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