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Over thirty years ago just outside Pilar, Argentina, Andrew Widderson started a dairy farm. Mr. Widderson’s healthy herd flourished, as did his supply of particularly pure milk. Perhaps it was the dulche vida of Mr. Widderson and his happy cows that spawned the desire to share such sweetness with the rest of the world, and so began production of Caramella Dulce de Leche.

A South American specialty, Caramella Dulce de Leche is a sweet caramel spread made from pure, antibiotic free milk along with other natural ingredients, remaining preservative free. Such purity ensures a total quality control program recognised by the European Union. In fact, Caramella is the only manufacturer of Dulce de Leche approved for European and North American markets.

For product information and recipe ideas, please go to www.tasteofcaramella.com

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