Supply Chain Management

National Importers has been importing products from around the world for over 70 years. Our supply chain team works with yours to plan shipments well in advance, typically 12-14 months and is reviewed on a weekly basis, giving you ample time for structuring your own supply chain.

Our buyers are adept at managing the logistical requirements of product purchase and transportation on a global scale, providing extensive custom broker and freight forwarding expertise. Enterprise planning technology and a state-of-the-art replenishment system ensure high fill rates with the right amount of inventory. Sophisticated forecasting combined with intelligent requirements planning optimizes the replenishment process and your inventory is managed on a FIFO basis to maximize product freshness.

National Importers offers the following supply management services:

  • Receiving, quality control, inspection & regulatory compliance
  • Storage, order handling (picking/shipping), reverse logistics, administration
  • Customer appointment management & consolidation
  • High inventory accuracy & lot code management
  • Robust EDI capabilities & customized documentation

Other Vendor Services